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Leading the way in collagen restoration
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Welcome to Puraz Health's international website.  Here you can access directly some of the world's leading anti ageing products:

Puraz 100% Collagen
It has been proven that taking Puraz 100% Collagen results in improved skin elasticity, less sagging, strengthened nails, shiny hair and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Puraz COMPLETE Day Serum & Night Cream
A total skincare treatment, COMPLETE uses the latest technology available to provide dramatic effects and noticeable results at a much better price than other very high-end skin creams.

Puraz PRO-d Joint Formula
PRO-d is the New Generation Joint Formula, a distinctive product like no other for supporting joint health through collagen based regeneration of cartilage.  Get the best support for your joints!

    Puraz Krill Oil
Krill Oil is the natural powerhouse of omega-3s and antioxidants.  Many times more potent than fish oil, it supports cardiovascular, joint and brain health while protecting cells against free radical damage.

  Puraz CoQ10
The enhanced formulation for heart, energy and statin support, Puraz CoQ10 is a high quality form of Coenzyme Q10 that utilises unique technology to ensure superior absorption and effectiveness.

  Puraz CL6
Puraz CL6 is a blend of clinically researched natural ingredients that support healthy cholesterol levels.  It's a cutting-edge formulation based on the latest scientific research.

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Watch Jennifer Bainbridge talking about how Puraz 100% Collagen can help you look and feel younger: (below)

Watch Wayne Douglas talking about how Puraz PRO-d helps keep him and his joints mobile, flexible and active:

Backed by science...
Puraz products are supported by independent trials and research.  In 2011 in-vitro studies by Trinity Bioactives found Puraz 100% Collagen capsules activate and rejuvenate skin cells, produce elastin and stimulate GAGs*, Puraz COMPLETE increases Type 1 Collagen synthesis in skin cells by up to 93.1%, and Puraz PRO-d stimulates growth of new cartilage cells.

What are people saying?
"I decided a few months ago to try another collagen capsule brand.  What a disaster.  My skin went awful, hair dry, nails chipped and cracked - so I went back on to Puraz after about 3 months and in two months everything is back.  Hair glossy again, nails strong, skin has less wrinkles and looks lifted.  I am sleeping better and generally happier.  Your brand is The One!"
- Gillian Silver, Rural Levin.  See more

*Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) form a very important component in the structure of connective tissues.

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