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As you age, you lose collagen.  Collagen is the fibres that knit your skin together.  Now you can turn back the clock and replenish lost collagen naturally from within using Puraz 100% Collagen Capsules.

Why Puraz 100% Collagen Capsules?

- Not all collagen capsules are created equal.  Most other capsules contain fillers and flowing agents.
-  Puraz uses a unique formula based on our many years of research and experience with collagen, along with a unique patented process to ensure the capsules do not break down until the collagen has had the chance to benefit the whole body. 
- There are many sources of collagen available. This is a very important aspect as it effects quality.  To be effective, collagen capsules must contain the correct formulation of collagen types to be effective when targeting skin.  Puraz bovine collagen closely resembles characteristics of human collagen.  
- Puraz is also exclusively stocked and recommended by New Zealand’s best  Beauty Therapists.

How does it compare with collagen injections?

is well known for its regular use by celebrities.  Their treatment, however, is often a surgical procedure involving injections to a particular area such as the lips.

Collagen is capable of so much more when available to the whole body

With Puraz Health’s capsules, collagen in its purest natural state has been encapsulated in an easy-to-absorb form
, so much easier and more comfortable than injections.  Using a special patented process, the Puraz capsule is designed to be absorbed whole in the small intestine, so the collagen is not broken down and lost before it has a chance to be of benefit.

That means you can delay the signs of aging

When taken over a sustained period of time, Puraz 100% Collagen works to help delay the signs of aging by replenishing the body’s natural collagen stores.  These oral capsules ensure collagen goes where it is needed and can assist most
; towards smoother skin, improved skin elasticity, strengthened nails and improved hair gloss. 

A huge success, Puraz 100% Collagen capsules are being recommended by leading beauty therapists.

That's because Puraz 100% Collagen not only increases the amount of collagen in our bodies but also helps stimulate the body’s natural collagen process
, rejuvenating your beauty from within.

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*Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) form a very important component in the structure of connective tissues.


Reduces appearance of lines and wrinkles
Helps firm up sagging skin
• Strengthens fingernails
Enhances hair thickness and gloss
• Helps give you better sleep
• Helps you look and feel younger

See how Puraz 100% Collagen works inside your body to restore lost collagen from within: (below)

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See the results Ronel Dyssel achieved on her face from taking Puraz 100% Collagen for just over 4 months: (below)

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